The flower in the garden

Last month I was invited by my friends Gvidas Pakarklis and Marius Pilipas to join their unique project - to be a stylist for their photoshoot in a botanical garden. My main task was to style outfits  and match colours and materials to look alike with lithuanian flowers. But the most fun idea is that they later published a magazine with the explored information of that flora, their origin, photographs of how they look in real life and with our photoshoot/styling photos to interest modern readers, perhaps youngsters, to show how inspiring and creative flora life and such a magazine can be. 

Well, that was a challenge and of course a wonderful experience for me! 

Used Humana Vintage Shop's clothes.

Sicilian summer vibes

Hola summer lovers,
Take a look at the newest Humana Vintage Shop photoshoot and my styling! Essentials for this summer to bear in mind: ruffles, lemon print, green, yellow, white and red colors, loose dresses lower than knees, red lips, messed hair, big earrings and vintage sandals. 


Youth Breaking Stereotypes

Long time no see!
This time I'm back with my new styling work! "Youth Breaking Stereotypes" - this is how I called my photoshoot, where I styled looks from secondhand vintage clothes and wanted to show that you can dress way more interesting and spend less money when buying vintage clothes than the brand new and expensive ones.
So here, take a look and please feel free and not ashamed of buying secondhand vintage clothes! Make your own unique style! 
Clothes are from: Vintage Shop Humana People To People Baltic in Vilnius 
My young muses(models): Benita Umantaite and Gvidas Pakarklis
&My talented photographer: Gabija Morkunaite


Fashion Passion

Dear, fellows, I haven't told you anything about my fashion passion. It all started when I was in about 8th grade, then I realised I want to be a designer and I entered to the Art School. But before that I had always been a little fashionista and I was really interested in working as a little mother's (stylist's) assistant. 
So far I've been to a multitude of fashion shows. I worked as a model in Daiva Urbonaviciute Spring‐Summer 2013 collection presentation, in Tatsiana Grakova “Vivaldi for PDA”Autumn ‐ Winter 2014/15 and Dovile Cibulskaite and Ana Romanova “Pure? 01”2014 collections in Fashion Infection, Viktorija Jakucinskaite’s 2014 runway. I did a few internships: for Ramune Strazdaite's collection in Fashion Infection 2012, Juozas Statkevicius Spring‐Summer 2014. I was in London, London Fashion Week in September and worked as a volunteer for designers such as Antonio Berardi, Toga and Kokon to zai. Talking about latter activity, it was the most unforgettable and life-changing; it was a volunteer's job, which provided me with many valuable skills and experiences. 
My upcoming activity is volunteering for Juozas Statkevicius show on the 13th of November. 
It is kinda soon - sooo don't forget to visit my CONFASHION blog!

P.S. For more photos of London Fashion Week and other fashion events, please visit my Instagram!
Toga show

Antonio Berardi

Kokon to zai 


Easter with Ispahan!

As you know, holidays are the only one time when I come back to cook patisserie. Therefore, this Easter I tried to make one of my favourite Laduree's pastries, so-called Ispahan! I used everything that Pierre Hermè uses for his Ispahans, but also added some dragon fruit inside! So it means that Ispahan wasn't only about lychees, but all the tropics. My homemade Ispahan was really soft, a bit crunchy, all lychey and white-chocolateey! Two things I missed was rose extract and rose petal, but instead of red rose, I made my Ispahan more attractive with Laduree's natural cristallized violet petals on top! My family applauded me for its deliciousness, however, next time I do this, I will try to add more red food-colouring, cause as a result it didn't seem to look soo Ispahan-pinkish.. 


Back on track together with some good smelling stories...

Holla! I'm back and I'm sooo sorry for not sharing my news with you, my dearest readers! 
So I've done many things since November and first of them was on Christmas holidays, working as a Christmas assistant in "Creme de la Creme" haute parfumerie shop. 
Ohhh you would really like to feel what memories and emotions does this shop name bring to me. Those holidays were the best I've ever had, no matter that I was working every day for 10hours. I met there my now very good friends and got to know with haute parfumerie. I am sure that its deep artistic feawers-trail will follow me all my life, because "Creme de la Creme" was the one that involved me into this deep love of parfumerie.... 
Here are pictures of my travel to the mystery of parfumerie and "Creme..."...